New Outlook gets you a quote in a days not weeks. Ever ask a company for a quote and then after your meeting you never hear from them again? Or you have to call them 3 or 4 times to get it from them? We know how frustrating that can be so we pride ourselves on fast turn around on our quotes. In fact, it is our policy for jobs less than $5,000 that don’t need a design that we will provide you with a written quote before we leave your driveway. We are able to do this because of software that we use which keeps our production rates, material prices, and equipments costs stored in the cloud. This program also allows us to much more quickly and easily split up different parts of the job so that you can see what each part is costing and also makes changes to the original proposal fast and back into your hands immediately.

Do you give free estimates? No…… Let me explain

First, we don’t give estimates. Who wants an approximation of how much something is going to cost? We give you a quote; and what that is, is a promise to do something for a certain price. A price that we stand behind during the process of your work being completed. So you know with certainty that the price you agreed to is the price you will pay for the job.

Second, when you meet with us you will find that we are experienced and educated professionals who know landscaping. We will give you a professional consultation keeping your best interests in mind to give you a professional and functional solution to your problem or project. Many times we come up with solutions that actually SAVE customers money from other quotes that they have received.


We typically charge between $25 and $75 for the initial consultation based on the complexity of the job, location, and type or work to be completed.


  • If you do the work with us we credit that back into the cost of the job!
  •  If you are an existing client all of your quotes are FREE!