Our average Landscape maintenance program costs about $350 per month for 9 months or $3,150 per season. There are several variables that contribute to coming up with that cost:

  • Size of your lawn and access to yard: What is the square footage of your turf? Is it pretty flat or on a steep hill? Is the yard fenced in? Do we need to get though a gate? Is that gate only wide enough for one of our smaller mowers? How many trees are there to trim around? Are there any other obstacles in the yard that would make it more difficult/time consuming to service your yard?
  • Size of beds and # of shrubs/plants: What is the ft2 of flower beds that we will be maintaining? How many and what size shrubs/ornamental tress do you have that we will need to prune?
  • Do you prefer your plants to be pruned more than once per season?
  • Do you have a lot of mature trees? This will increase the number of hours that we will need to estimate for fall clean up.
  • Do you want Turf Care? (Crabgrass Control, Broad leaf weed control, fertilizer act.)
  • Do you want your beds to be mulched?