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Retaining Wall & Stone Fireplace Installation in Harrisburg PA


Retaining walls are a great solution for erosion issues in your yard, and are a great place to start when you are looking to give your outdoor space a facelift. Add a stone fireplace to your landscape project as well. We are the contractors in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas to make this happy. Your home is your sanctuary inside and out. We are certain you have tons of ideas floating around in your head about what you want your house to look like, but there is a great chance you just don’t know where to begin or how to get started! Our talented team has your back. Let’s bring your dreams into the light.


We have a great time assisting our clients with the design of their outdoor space. A retaining wall or a stone fireplace is no different. The outside of your home may be the first item somone sees when they begin the walk to your front took. Allow the professionals in Harrisburg, PA to implement these structures and get your yard looking beautiful. We’ll handle the heavy lifting. You sit back, relax, unwind, and focus on more important things.



Paver Patio & Outdoor Walkway Installations in Harrisburg PA


Adding personality to your home can be fun and excited. But it also can be challenging. When you have an idea in mind, you want your vision to come to life. That’s why we are here. We will professionally design your paver patio or outdoor walkway and you’ll get to see it before we start building. This way, you can talk with us about your ideas freely and we can work hard to “set it in stone”. The no-brain solution to creating a beautiful outdoor space is to contact our installation team in Harrisburg, PA. We work with your vision and your budget and ultimately create a beautiful space that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy. Don’t stress. We have your back.


There is a good chance you feel like you are always entertaining someone, and your kitchen and even your living room may not be cutting it. Bring the party outdoors! Adding beautiful walkways and patios to your home can create a whole new space to entertain. You’ll receive loads of compliments for years to come. Give us a call or reach out below!


Recently Completed Landscape Lighting Installation Projects in Harrisburg PA

Light can illuminate your entertainment space and keep the party going long into the night. It also can safely light pathways and walkways. Landscape lighting has been used to accentuate spaces and really showcase the hard work you’ve put into your outdoor space. In Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas, we are the contractors of choice when it comes to installing lights and fixtures, making designing your landscape a breeze. The possibilities are endless! Check it out!

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