At New Outlook we get asked a lot: “Do you bag grass?”

Our answer is: “We try not to.”

There are a few reasons and it may not be what you think:

  • Yes, it takes longer to bag, however, that is not our main concern.
  • Townships and local landfill sites in the area WILL NOT take grass clippings. This makes it very hard for us to find a place to dispose of it.
  • Grass clippings dumped into big piles at the shop or elsewhere do not decompose very well. Big piles of grass clippings turn into a stinky sludge that sits around and leaches into the soil and groundwater.
  • Up to 20% of the total volume of our landfills consists of yard waste. Many states and local government have made legislation that requires grass clippings to be disposed of separately from landfills.
  • Leaving clippings is actually good for the lawn and returns nutrients into the soil. Mulching the cuttings back into the soil increases nitrogen content in the soil.
  • Leaving grass on the lawn correctly mulched and not in clumps will lead to a healthier and thicker lawn.

When should you bag grass?

  • We bag grass if the grass gets too high and thick (this can happen typically in the spring)
  • In the fall when we are doing fall clean ups we will bag your grass and leaves to give your yard a nice and clean look for the end of the season.